Charlie "Will" Wilkins is a main character in Hitman: Damnation.

Born sometime around the 1940s, he hails from the Maryland/Virginia area, and founded the interfaith "Church of Will" in the early 1970s. Within a few short years, he became well known in the region and expanded into the fast food business with the organic restaurant "Charlie's". By the 21st century, he was an extremely famous and revered televangelist with several million followers. His television network drew more viewers than most public access channels, and Charlie's was a fast food giant that closely rivaled McDonald's despite its insistence on organic food. His "Church of Will" expanded nationwide, and was headquartered in Greenhill, Stafford County, Virgina - the compound included a mansion for himself on-site and a private runway for a Learjet 85 that he owned himself. Among Charlie's most common catch phrases were the question "Will You?" and for people to "Find the Will".

He was the childhood pastor of Dana Linder and her brother Darren Shipley - their father Eric Shipley died in a supposed hunting accident in 1976 (though in Damnation, 47 has good reason to believe that Wilkins had him killed to continue an affair with Mrs. Shipley). Years later, Mrs. Shipley also died of illness and Wilkins himself became a father figure to the twins. While Dana pursued politics, Darren was a soldier in Iraq where he was caught in an exploding building and presumed dead. In reality, Darren survived with serious injury and became a domestic terrorist under the alias "Cromwell". Only Dana and Wilkins knew of Darren's survival, and they both aided him in starting the New Model Army.

In 2012, Dana Linder (now a US Senator in her mid-thirties) decided to run for president against incumbent Mark Burdett. Wilkins paid the ICA for Agent 47 to kill Linder in early October 2012, after which Wilkins himself ran for president in her place. Wilkins orders a second hit on himself in order to trap and silence 47, but ends up being killed by 47 during a political rally four days before the election. At the rally, the New Model Army disguised themselves as National Guardsmen to stage a mass shooting. Wilkins' corruption is exposed after he dies, and Burdett is reelected.

He was in his sixties as of Hitman: Damnation, a handsome and charismatic white male with grey hair and bright blue eyes.