The Chef outfit is a recurring disguise that appears in almost every game of the Hitman franchise, albeit going through many different changes and designs based on the location. Usually, it consists of a white chef's jacket and white/black pants, often accompanied by a chef's hat and apron of various color.


  • The Chef uniform is worn by the Master Chef at Diana Penelope Burnwood's mansion can be only obtained by killing or knocking out the chef.
  • The Chef outfit is an available disguise at Palais de Walewska during the mission The Showstopper. The Chef disguise can also be obtained from the chefs of the GAMA hospital in Situs Inversus and Patient Zero.
  • In HITMAN 2 chef uniforms can be found in the Delgado mansion in Three-Headed Serpent and the castle on Sgáil in The Ark Society.


The Chef outfit appears in the following missions:

Hitman: Absolution




Hitman Absolution

  • This outfit allows access to the ground floor of the mansion and can't be detected by the guards.


  • In The Showstopper this outfit allows access to most areas of the basement, garden and ground floor of the palace. The chef is not allowed on the grass surrounding the helicopter, by the dock, inside the pavilion garden, the display room, the basement security room and the northern room with stairs to the first floor.
  • In Situs Inversus and Patient Zero this outfit allows access most areas of the basement and the resort. The chef is not allowed in the maintenance room, security office, sleeping quarter of the medical staff and the VIP suits.


  • In Three-Headed Serpent this outfit allows access to the mansion exterior, basement and ground floor.
  • In The Ark Society this outfit allows access to the Ark member area, catacombs, cellar and kitchen.


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