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Chinatown is a location in Hitman: Absolution and is located in Chicago.


It is the setting for the mission The King of Chinatown, in which 47 needs to assassinate an up-and-coming criminal known as The King. He does so on behalf of an informant, only known as Birdie, where he would exchange the hit for discrete information. Additionally, it is the setting of the final segment of the mission Hunter and Hunted.

In The King of Chinatown, the district is densely crowded with civilians, along with a unit of corrupt police officers protecting The King. The King himself can be found at the pagoda in the middle of the square, and his cocaine dealer, Snowman, lives in a shabby apartment not too far away. Construction is ongoing at the Chinatown at this time.

47 returns to Chinatown in Hunter and Hunted to assassinate three associates of Wade who are searching for Birdie. At the time, the celebrations of the Chinese New Year are ongoing, and the constructions have finished, making the available area bigger.