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The Chinese Sword (Chinese:劍, pronounced: jiàn) is a sword and melee weapon that appears in Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman: Contracts, though it is only usable in the latter.

The sword is laced with a deadly poison, which is said to kill as soon as the blade grazes it's victim. It is said to be of ancient origin.


Found only in Hitman: Contracts in the mission "The Lee Hong Assassination", the sword is carried by Lee Hong himself. Hong will use the sword to attack as soon as he sees 47 as a threat, or you can remove it from his body after he is killed without having a chance to pull it out.


When in close range, use the fire button to perform a melee attack. The sword will deal greater damage if the fire button is held down for a while. Stealth kills can be performed from behind enemies. 47 will stab his victim in their back with the sword and then pull it out of the victim's body.



  • Similarly to the Stun Gun and the Blowgun, the weapon appears in Hitman: Codename 47, but cannot be used by 47.
  • While Lee Hong uses the sword it will kill 47 instantly or leave him very close to death, but when 47 uses it he needs at least three hits on an enemy unless you attack enemy from behind, at which point he will perform a stealth kill by sticking through the victims back and through the chest - similar to the fire poker and pool cue stealth animation.
  • In Contracts, the sword always glows green likely due to the poison coated on the blade.
  • The description in the inventory is, "Beautifully crafted ancient instrument of war". This is the same description given to the Katana in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.
  • Strangely, the weapon performs no damage head-on against Zun. The poison does not harm him, either.


Chinese sword stealth execution

Chinese sword stealth execution