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Chongqing is a megacity in southwest China, and the setting for End of an Era, the fourth mission in HITMAN™ III. The mission area encompasses streets, apartments building and shops on a rainy night in Chongqing's Yuzhong District.


"Under the flickering neon lights of busy cafes and amidst a flurry of small shops and food stands crammed into tight streets, Chongqing offers travellers a respite from the demands of everyday life. This megacity is a transportation hub with plenty of secrets off the beaten path."


  • Chongqing was the third HITMAN™ III location to be shown to the public as part of the "Under the Hood" trailer.
  • On the background one can notice a real building - Grand Lisboa which is located in Macao. This implies that originally the mission End of Era was supposed to take place there.