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Sheriff Clive Skurky was a corrupt Sheriff of the county of Hope. He was on Blake Dexter's payroll. He was killed by Agent 47.

Character Information

Skurky is the sheriff of Blake Dexter to do his bidding. He uses a room in the prison as his personal sex dungeon with dominatrix Mrs. Cooper, arrests people passing through town for the most minor offenses, sometimes abuse the inmates and also forces prisoners to fight each other in pit fights at the precinct. He is shown to be quite cowardly and ruthless. His name is a play on Paul Michael Glaser's character David Starsky from the police detective show Starsky and Hutch.

In Skurky's Law, 47 infiltrates the Hope County Courthouse to retrieve Victoria. When he is near, Skurky knocks him out and takes him captive. In the next mission, Operation Sledgehammer, mercenaries working for the Agency invade the town and Skurky, shot in the leg and hit by an Agency vehicle, goes on the run. 47 tracks him down to a church outside town, where Skurky takes the priest hostage. 47 shoots and injures him, saving the hostage, and forces the location of Victoria out of him before Skurky dies.



  • Skurky's weapon is a Mustang Snub revolver with the badge of the Sheriff of Hope on the handle.
  • "Skurk" in the Scandinavian languages means crook or villain.
  • After Agent 47 kills Skurky, the theme music from Hitman: Blood Money - Ave Maria - starts, and plays till the summary screen.
  • Skurky is the third high-ranking police officer 47 has targeted in the series. The other two were the Hong Kong Chief of Police and Albert Fournier.