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Club Hölle ("Club Hell") is a nightclub on the outskirts of Berlin, and the setting of Apex Predator, the third mission of HITMAN™ III.


Set inside a repurposed nuclear power plant down the road from a gas station and diner, the club features a prominent dance floor with dazzling light displays, several makeshift bar areas, outdoor areas, as well as tech and staff rooms. The concrete exterior is adorned with artistic murals. A section of the facility also houses a hangout for the Berlin chapter of the Ragnarok Disciples biker gang, which is affiliated with club owner, Rolf Hirschmüller.


Lucas Grey, whose safehouse is located in Berlin, was slated to meet with Hirschmüller but committed suicide following an ambush near Dartmoor, England. In his stead, his second-in-command Olivia Hall had been at the club, but was attacked by a squad of ICA agents and asked Agent 47 for assistance. Hall is still able to smuggle weapons and other items for 47 as he eliminates the agents throughout the club.

After the events of Apex Predator, the Ragnarok Disciples have left the club, according to the dialogue of some guests at the Berlin Egg Hunt party at the club. It seems now it's under new management.


  • The club and its appearance is based on Berghain, a famous nightclub in Berlin sometimes called the "world capital of techno."
  • The name of the Club Hölle ("Club Hell" in German) is a reference to Club Hell in Las Vegas in Hitman Blood Money.
  • The hippo at the club's forestal area shows resemblance to El Mijo the Hippo in Santa Fortuna.