Coffee Glass is an interactable object in Hitman. It can be found in The Final Test prologue mission, as well as in The Showstopper episode. Like any other drink it can be poisoned in order to make someone sick or to murder them instantly.


The Final Test

The Coffee Glass is located on level 0 inside the hangar in the south east corner. Like most other drinks, it can be poisoned with one of several Emetic Rat Poisons located within the map. An Airplane Mechanic will come to drink from the glass at times. There is however an Airplane Mechanic disguise spawned on the ground in the most north eastern room of the same level, which is located very close to the Coffee Glass.

The glass will break and disappear permanently if the Airplane Mechanic drops it by becoming distracted or surprised while holding it in his hand.

The Showstopper

There is a coffee glass located in the basement lunch room, which is the most eastern room with both a north and south entrance, leading into both the northern and southern corridors.

There are also two coffee glasses in the attic on the top floor. They are located near each other within the security center in the south west part of the attic.

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