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The Coin is an item that appears in Hitman: Blood Money and HITMAN™.


In Hitman: Blood Money is labeled as a ten cent coin from the United States of America, but it has some kind of unknown design with a bald figure on the obverse, though the reverse is the regular Great Seal of the United States. In HITMAN™, it can only be seen from both sides, one side containing the crown from the International Contract Agency logo with the words "Merces Letifer" lining the bottom, and the other an unknown head.


Hitman: Blood Money

The primary use of the coin is to distract or manipulate NPCs. Unlike other items, it is used by pressing the Throw button, instead of the Fire button. The player has an unlimited supply of coins, and as such thrown coins can't be picked up by the player or NPCs. There are three methods to use the coin:

Throw Method

The most commonly used method. To do this, stay out of sight of the NPC and throw a coin near them. They will walk towards the noise and investigate it. This method is best used for sneaking past NPCs.

Drop Method

This method is done by approaching near the NPC and dropping a coin. They will stop whatever they're doing and investigate the noise. This method is useful for luring NPCs to secluded areas and gaining access to locked doors in public.

Hold Method

To do this method, press and hold the Throw button and get in the line of sight. NPCs who see the player will stop whatever they're doing and continuously stare at the player until the player throws the coin. This is useful for preventing NPCs from leaving an area, slowing them down, making them face the other way, or interfering with their duties.


Identical to its use in Hitman: Blood Money, the coin in HITMAN™ is used to create diversions. The player must hold right click, aim where they want it to go, then left click to throw it. The coin will also bounce on all surfaces, which can allow the affected NPC to move further.

The player starts with only three coins (if chosen at the planning menu), but can be picked up after use. The player can also find more coins scattered throughout the level, though the amounts are randomized.

Freeform Training

In the prologue Freeform Training you can find three coins on the table infront of you as soon as you spawn. You should pick these up since you do not already have any on you by default.

The Final Test

In the prologue mission The Final Test, Agent 47 will spawn with five coins in his inventory. The only other coin in the entire map can be found on the ground behind one of the cars near the west side entrance to the compound.

The Showstopper

In The Showstopper episode, there are coins to pick up on a counter on the east side of the most north eastern room on the ground level. In the room west of the dressing area, which is the large southern room located south of the catwalk, there is a coin on the ground next to the Diorama. There is also a coin lying on the ground on the north side of the western terrace, just outside the exit leading out from the most western large room.

On level 2 there are coins to pick up in the most south eastern room, lying on a desk. On level 3 there is a coin to pick up from the ground inside the attic, right in the middle of the corridor that splits the north and south part of the attic from each other.


  • Gold Coin - In HITMAN™, after finishing a certain challenge (Tuppence a Wish) during the Bangkok mission, the player can acquire a gold coin for use. It works identical to the coin.
  • Commendable Performance Coin - HITMAN™, after playing an Elusive Target mission(regardless of whether or not you succeed) the player can acquire this silver coin for use. It works identical to the coin.
  • Outstanding Performance Coin - HITMAN™, was awarded to players upon GOTY release on November 7th, 2017 who successfully completed any Elusive Target contract with Silent Assassin rating. It works identical to the coin. Not available from re-activated Elusive Targets.


  • There is also a coin in Hitman: Absolution, though this coin is an 1889 Morgan silver dollar that has been thrown out of circulation. During A Personal Contract, Diana Burnwood gives this coin to Agent 47 along with a letter containing the titular contract. Presumably the coin symbolizes Diana's upfront payment, and Agent 47 keeps the coin as a reminder of his contract to protect Victoria.
    • The coin is not used in Hitman: Absolution, where throwing other items that can be found works as well.
  • In Blood Money, when playing on higher difficulties, guards will no longer investigate noise from a thrown coin.
  • In HITMAN™, the coin now works like any other thrown item, causing the nearest NPC to investigate. They can also now be "stolen" if an NPC picks a thrown one, unlike in Hitman: Blood Money.
  • In HITMAN™, the coin's sound effect is always the same volume, regardless of how far it lands. An IO-Interactive employee confirmed that this is not a glitch, and was done intentionally.