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Vineyard title

The Vineyard is the setting for A Vintage Year in Hitman: Blood Money. It is located near the remote town of Santa Rosa in the Colchagua Valley in Chile.


The Vineyard is located in Chile, and owned by Don Fernando Delgado and his son Manuel Delgado. Here the Delgado family produce their famous "El Diablo" Chilean wine as well as run their illegal drug operations.


The Vineyard consists of a few major buildings. The first is the Hacienda, where Fernando spends his time playing the cello and enjoying the view.

In front of the Hacienda is a large courtyard with a storage building on one side and the guardhouse on the other side. When going through the guardhouse, you enter another courtyard. This is the public courtyard where the Delgado's hold their parties. This courtyard is also home to the entrance of the wine cellar, through which one can find the drug lab. The drug lab has two secret passages, connecting it to the Hacienda and the docks.


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