Colombia is a country in Northwestern South America.


Prior to the European colonial period, the densely forestet highlands of Northern South America were inhabitated by several indigenous peoples, who worshipped their own gods and lived as hunters and gatherers. This changed drastically when Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century and conquered the land in the name of the Spanish Empire. Most of the continent stayed under Spanish rule until the early 19th century; Spain was very destabilized after losing an exhausting war aginst Napoleon, and the colonies in South America used this opportunity to declare their independence. Many different states were established at that time, for example Mexico, Peru, Argentina and also Colombia, which stretched at that time from Ecuador in the West to Venezuela in the East and to Panama in the North, in a state entity called "Gran Colombia". However, Gran Colombia broke apart in 1831. Only Panama stayed under Colombian rule until 1903, when American troops seized the land to construct the Panama Canal.

During World War I and II, Colombia, as many South American states, stayed neutral. In 1948, a promising and popular presidential candidate called Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was shot in Colombia's capital Bogota. Following this, a civil war-like conflict between liberals and conservatives broke out. In 1953, the army general Gustavo Rojas Pinilla established a military dicatatorship, but the guerilla war in the jungle continued. Pinilla was eventually deposed in 1958, and peace and stability were slowly restored, after a compromise between conservatives and liberals.

However, as of today, the land again has to deal with guerilla troops fighting in the jungle. Since the 1980s, communist fighters, paramilitary militias and drug cartels are active in remote areas. Especially the cocaine business is booming, the cartels produce their products on plantations somewhere in the rainforest, to smuggel them after that via Central American smuggler routes into the US and from there into the whole world.


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