Cosmo Faulkner is a detective with the Chicago Police Department (P.D) and one of the main characters in the Hitman: Absolution ARG.


Cosmo Faulkner is an average run of the mill police officer working for the Chicago P.D. However, during the events of Hitman: Absolution he became obsessed with finding the unknown assailant behind the fire at the Terminus Hotel


Cosmo is shown to be a very insightful individual who sees things other police officers either choose to miss or are too incompetent to notice. He is also shown to be a very compassionate person as he spends his days off taking care of his elderly sick mother.


  • Faulkner has a Google+ blog in which he describes his hunt for Agent 47 and mentions events such as the Rosewood Orphanage attack. The blog started at November 15, 2011. The last entry was on December 11, in which he mentioned an alliance with Birdie and being suspended as the result of a semi-rogue investigation (which is assumed to take place after the ending cutscene of Hitman: Absolution.
  • Faulkner has a "World's Greatest Granddad" mug on his desk, suggesting that he has grandchildren.
  • Cosmo bears a name resemblance to Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld