Craig Black is a target in mission The Author, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is the renowned author and the sleeper agent of the doomsday cult "Liberation."


Craig Black is the renowned, conflicted author behind the enormously successful "Cassandra Snow: New England Wiccan" three years ago after a number of widely ignored noir science-fiction novels. Wealthy and successful, he harbors a deep-seated frustration at not being taken seriously.

He was seduced to Nabazov's cult while researching a book on the seductive nature of cults, where his professional frustration turned murderous.


  • In a list of leaked elusive targets in Hitman Reddit, there is an unreleased elusive target called The Author: Lawrence Wilson. Wilson might be the first prototype of Black.
  • He is one of the few targets in HITMAN™ that 47 can disguise as.
  • One of his unique kills is similar to that of Marco Abbiati, both can potentially meet their end by having a pen pushed into their eye.
  • There is an opportunity where 47 can disguise himself as brother Akram to set up their midnight meeting. It is revealed that Black would have used the virus to kill everyone at the upcoming cassiecon if he hadn't been killed by 47. 47's cover will be blown if Black isn't killed quickly as Black will realise that 47 won't give him the virus.