Custom 1911 is a modified M1911 handgun which offers high accuracy. It is the signature weapon of The Franchise.


The gun has a black finish with engraved ivory grips, in a reverse two-tone pattern along with red colored three dot sights. This firearm is the most accurate handgun in Hitman: Blood Money with the shots hitting the very center of the crosshairs without any spread. Oddly, it shares the '(.357) Magnum Ammo' ammunition pool with the Desert Eagle, despite being a .45 ACP gun like the Silverballer. Like the Silverballer and the Desert Eagle, it has a 9 round magazine.


While the Custom 1911 cannot be retained by the player by normal means, this weapon can be added to the player's collection by editing the save file, either with a hex editor or Action Replay-style disc on console versions.



  • Due to a programming oversight, the Custom 1911 has no data for post-mission newspaper reports. Using this handgun for the most of a mission will likely result in the main newspaper article being blank with a message stating 'Error in line 4'. Sometimes, this can cause the game to crash on the console (PlayStation and XBox) as well as PC versions.
  • The Custom 1911 cannot be put into ICA crate.
  • It is most likely based of the Kimber Warrior pistol but minus the under barrel rail and front slide serrations and the Kimber warrior has engraved ivory grips. 
  • It uses the same firing sounds and animations as the Silverballers. Both guns use the same base model, but colour scheme of the texture is the exact opposite of each other.