Dalia Margolis is a target in HITMAN™. She is a retired supermodel, and ringleader of IAGO alongside Viktor Novikov.


The right face at the right time, Dalia Margolis became one of the most iconic fashion models of the previous decade. Then, at the peak of her career, she wisely chose to retire and launch her own model agency. But the unofficial story is even more glamorous.

During her heyday, Dalia, the daughter of a hawkish Israeli army general, was in fact a spy for Mossad, who understood how beauty and fame could open doors that guns and bombs could not. It was her intel that led to the Mongoose's arrest and the drone strike that killed Red Sabre in Lebanon. Of course, we now know that Margolis used her training to build something much more sinister, the IAGO spy ring.

Dalia Margolis is not only beautiful; she is charming, sophisticated and extremely intelligent. Novikov might be the money man, but we suspect that Dalia is the brains behind IAGO.
― Target Intel


  • Using her training as a former Mossad agent, Dalia sells information about British agents infiltrating Middle Eastern terrorist groups to the Sheikh.
  • Dalia does not notice Helmut Kruger nor the Sheikh are different when Agent 47 is impersonating them. This is notable for the fact she knows both men, worked as a professional spy, and is an information broker.
  • Dalia is well aware that her secretary, Hailey, is a spy for Valerie St. Clair and intends to kill her after the auction is finished. Dalia is also aware that Jared, the guard outside her office window, is in love with Hailey.
  • During one of the conversations Dalia has with Hailey, they claim to have found information relating to a plot to overthrow the Moroccan government, foreshadowing the events of A Gilded Cage.
  • Dalia is aware that Novikov struck a deal with an assassin for a copy of the full IAGO dossier.
  • Dalia is interested in using one of her models, Camille, to ingratiate herself with famous actor Julian Wakefield in an attempt to infiltrate the Church of Ascendants, a wealthy and powerful, likely religious, organization that many of her clients would pay top dollars to gain further information.
  • While socializing on the auction level's patio with other guests, Dalia is told by Delgado cartel representative Andrea Martinez that Rico Delgado wants to marry her (despite already being married to Catalina Delgado), to which she positively replies "I'll think about it".
  • After Agent 47 greets Dalia as Tobias Rieper, she'll make multiple phone calls to ask for a background check on 47. The person on the other side of the phone is named by Margolis as "Berg", which most likely refers to Ezra Berg, considering Dalia and Ezra Berg were both former Mossad agents.
  • Dalia appears to believe that Viktor's criminal past poses a threat to IAGO and is planning on having him eliminated. If she is informed of his death, Dalia won't be upset, in comparison to Viktor's shock.
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