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Dalia Margolis (Hebrew:דליה מרגוליס) is a target in HITMAN™. She is a retired supermodel, and ringleader of IAGO alongside Viktor Novikov.

She is commonly described as both beautiful and smart.


She is publicly known as having been one of the world's most successful supermodels, having since retired and founded her own modeling agency. She and her partner, Russian businessman Viktor Novikov, are a famous power couple in the fashion industry.

Following in the footsteps of her father, a hawkish Israeli military general, she joined Mossad and used her modeling career to collect classified information for them. Her intel lead to the arrest of The Mongoose in 2007, and the successful drone strike against Red Sabre in Lebanon. She later founded the IAGO spy ring with Novikov, with which they sold national and private sector secrets for their personal profit.


In the game's mission 'Showstopper' she's hosting IAGO's 'auction of secrets' under the guise of Novikov's fashion show. She meets with Helmut Kruger in order to convince him to spy on a consulting firm's CEO and also a sheikh. Agent 47 eliminates her and her husband before escaping.


  • Despite being Israeli and a former Mossad agent, Dalia sells information about British agents infiltrating Middle Eastern terrorist groups to the Sheik.
  • Dalia does not notice Helmut Kruger or the Sheik have been replaced when Agent 47 is impersonating them. This is notable for the fact she knows both men, worked as a professional spy, and is an information broker.
  • Dalia is well aware her assistant is a spy for Valerie St. Clair and intends to kill her after the auction is finished. She is unaware the guard outside her window is in love with said assistant, though.
  • While socializing on the auction level's patio with guests, Dalia is told by Delgado cartel representative Andrea Martinez that Rico Delgado wants to marry her (despite already being married to Catalina Delgado), to which she positively replies "I'll think about it".
  • After Agent 47 greets Dalia Margolis as Tobias Rieper, she'll make multiple phone calls to ask for a background check on 47. The person on the other side of the phone is referred to by Margolis as "Berg", which likely is Ezra Berg, considering Dalia Margolis and Ezra Berg are both former Mossad agents.
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