Dana Linder (née Shipley) was a female United States Senator, Presidential candidate and a supporting character in the book Hitman: Damnation.  She was a publicly avowed member of televangelist Charlie Wilkins' church, who was the personal pastor of her and her brother Darren Shipley during their childhood. Darren was a soldier in Iraq and presumed dead after he was caught in an exploding building, but in fact survived and became the domestic terrorist Cromwell (a secret only the siblings and Charlie Wilkins were privy to).

A member of the America First Party, a far-right wing third party that took an impressive amount of seats in the 2010 midterm elections, she was a former Representative of Towson, Maryland before being elected the state's Senator. In 2012, while still in her mid-thirties, she ran for President on the America First ticket against incumbent Mark Burdett in 2012 before she was assassinated a month before election day. The hit was ordered by Charlie Wilkins, though most people initially accused President Burdett. Linder was survived by her husband and two teenage sons.

Linder and America First are somewhat based on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, respectively, though the Tea Party is a faction of Republicans rather than a third party.