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Daniel Morris was the acting U.S. Vice President from May 15th 2004 until his death on September 22nd 2005 under the U.S. President, Tom Stewart, and one of the last targets of Hitman: Blood Money.


Early life

Before politics he was a powerful biotechnology CEO on Wall Street, and ironically, his biggest and only priority as a politician was to ban human cloning. He was nominated to be the incumbent President Tom Stewart's running mate in his second presidential election after his previous vice-president, Spaulding Burke, was killed in a staged car accident by The Franchise.

Congress, presumably manipulated and/or threatened by Morris's real employers, forced him on Stewart by voting him into power after refusing to nominate several prior candidates, and Morris disliked his job's conditions because he was often disrespected. Mrs. Stewart, in particular, assigned him to walk her dog and often argued with him.

He is secretly a member of Alpha Zerox, employed by their Franchise division to assume the presidency, and conspired with them to kill both Burke and Stewart. The plan was to have him use his new position to uphold the ban on human cloning, allowing The Franchise to make sure nobody but them had access to the technology.


47 killed him and his accomplice, Mark Parchezzi III in the hit hired by Carlton Smith. According to the newspapers, he died on September 22, 2005 and was 55 years old, a fairly average age for a vice president.



  • Morris's uninterrupted behavior during the mission consists of being summoned via intercom in his office to the First Lady's" office on the 2nd floor, walking "Justice" (the White House dog) to the lawn, approaching the window of the Oval Office from the outside to make visual contact with Mark Parchezzi and then returning to his own office on the 1st floor.
  • Morris's plan mirrors Gerald R. Ford's real-life rise to the presidency. Ford was also voted into the vice presidency by congress, later to abruptly become acting president, without being popularly elected to either office. However, both of Ford's successions were caused by corruption-related resignations instead of deaths.
  • If the player listens closely in the cutscene where Morris talks to Parchezzi on a mobile phone, they can hear that his ring-tone is the Hitman: Blood Money theme.
  • Interestingly, his internal name is MrX, almost identical to the Mystery Man (whose name is MisterX) from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. They share slight similarities in physical appearance.
  • In HITMAN™ 2, Nolan Cassidy's intel states that he was one of Morris' Secret Service agents and was on duty during his assassination.
  • Morris is arguably the most high profile target that 47 ever assassinated.
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