Deewana Ji is the self-proclaimed guru of the sacred cult Gurdwara, an Indian destructive cult that worships the malevolent goddess of war, and studies advanced computer technologies.


He was responsible for stealing US defense codes and nuclear missiles from Sergei Zavorotko in earlier missions.

Early Life

Little is known about his early life. He is thought to have gone by 12 other aliases (including "Zip Master") and be of Western origin, which might explain his very pale skin. When 47 arrives to kill him he is awaiting heart surgery, possibly a consequence of drug abuse, debauchery and sloth hypocritical of his own religious teachings.

Later life

His cult made him extremely rich and powerful, affording him two private islands, high-grade medical and computer engineering equipment, lavish Mandars and a 60 ft. yacht (pictured in Terminal Hospitality). In addition to his followers, he employs skilled assassins from the United States to protect him.


47 is paid a then-record $450,000 for killing him, and Diana calls it a "suicide mission" (even after the Hayamoto contract's success). 47 is also successful in killing Ji, surgically killing him while he was awaiting a new heart and a pacemaker in the cult's private hospital.



  • He and his cult are possibly based on the Rajneesh movement (who, among other Indians, expressed outrage and protested Hitman 2 before the game was modified).
  • He is shown to be an old and frail man with heart problems requiring very expensive surgeries to be fit.