Dexter's Ultramax is a unique Ultramax made by Blake Dexter.


"A light machine gun with a box magazine. It trades range and firepower for portability, and is a deadly addition to 47's arsenal. This weapon belonged to Dexter."

Based upon the real-world Chartered Industries of Singapore Ultimax 100 Mark-III 5.56mm light machine gun, it is classified as a SAW (Section Assault Weapon) similar in use and performance to the M60. The Ultimax is largely used by military forces in third-world countries.


Dexter's Ultramax is dropped by Blake Dexter in the mission Countdown. It can be taken after he is killed before the cutscene begins.


  • The weapon must be collected from Blake Dexter's body after he is killed but before the ending cutscene of Countdown begins, making this somewhat challenging to collect. The best tactic for obtaining this weapon and adding it to your collection is to be very close to Dexter when you kill him and then immediately collect the weapon as soon as he is dead.