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Dexter Industries is an arms and defense manufacturing corporation that was founded in Hope, South Dakota in 1958 by the Dexter family.


Hitman: Absolution

Blake Dexter is the head of Dexter Industries, which manufactures weapons, anti-theft systems as well as other defense systems. At the time of Absolution, it employs almost half of Hope. Because of this, most of the town is on the take from Dexter, allowing him to get away with pretty much anything. The company's factory in South Dakota serves as the setting for the missions Dexter Industries, Death Factory and Fight Night.


  • Stallion Armaments is Dexter Industries' leading competitors, though the competition apparently became smaller after Dexter bought 34% of the company after the death of its CEO.[1]
  • Dexter Industries apparently has its own TV shop, the Dexter Industires Home Shopping Network. The Blake Dexter ICA File trailer shows snippets of an ad for a landmine for home security purposes. The mine is similar to the one seen on the roof in the Sniper Challenge.
  • An order from a Chinese industrial company seen in the Blake Dexter ICA File names Dexter Industries' address as "Dexter Industries, 1 Prosperity Road, Hope, SD, 54893-1101, USA".



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