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Disambig.png This article is about mission rating. For game of the same title, see Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.
"For achieving Silent Assassin rating, you have been awarded a bonus weapon"
Hitman: Contracts, upon 47 completing a mission with Silent Assassin rating

Silent Assassin (commonly abbreviated to "SA") is the highest rating players can obtain at the end of a mission, after completing it with flawless stealth and with little to no aggression. The rating system was first introduced in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, measuring the player's performance in different categories such as shots fired, enemies killed and civilians harmed, making an equation of agression and stealth. This system had different ranks all the way to the coveted Silent Assassin rating.

Later games added easter egg ratings, such as The Russian Hare.

Hitman: Codename 47 does not have a rating system, with the player only being punished by killing civilians. The Agency deducts money from 47's payment due to the need of sending a "Cleaner" to cover for such civilian deaths. Players tend to use the expenses system as an informal rating system, only bringing to missions what is absolutely necessary to test their skill.

Hitman: Codename 47

How to obtain

There is no rating system in Hitman: Codename 47, only an expenses system. In this system the player gets cash transferred in order to buy weapons and equipment necessary for the missions. Said equipment do not remain with the player, however, with the need for them to be purchased again in following missions. Killing civilians generates an expense of $5,000. This penalty is explained in-game as the cost of sending a Cleaner to solve the problem, and the money being deducted from 47's account. In addition, you will be forbidden from purchasing some more advanced weapons in the following mission, even if you have sufficient funds.

In the mission The Lee Hong Assassination one of the courses of action involves strangling a waiter in the bathroom in order to poison Tzun.


There are no rewards. Players tend to use the expenses system as an informal rating system, only bringing to missions what is absolutely necessary in order to test their skill.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

How to obtain

Silent Assassin rating in Silent Assassin.

In order to obtain the "Silent Assassin" rating in Silent Assassin, the player must:

  • Have no more than one alert (Two alerts allowed if no guards are killed or no shots are fired).
  • Fire no more than two shots in most cases. Three are allowed if everything else (including headshots) is at zero.
  • Kill no more than one civilian (one civilian killed + one guard killed ruins SA rating).
  • Kill no more than one guard (Two guards allowed if no shots are fired).

    Silent Assassin with 2 guards killed but no shots fired.


After achieving Silent Assassin, certain missions will award you special weapons, which are otherwise unobtainable. Note that for unlocking these weapons, absolutely no, or little aggression is required.

Unlockable weapons include:

Hitman: Contracts

How to obtain

Silent Assassin rating in Contracts.

Contracts' system for Silent Assassin is essentially identical to Hitman 2's. Note that the rating system is very dynamic and some of the stipulations mentioned below may not work together. As a general rule, the player should remember to hide dead or unconscious bodies (though one being found doesn't ruin SA), avoid killing enemies (one enemy killed is fine in many cases) and civilians, and avoid being spotted.

Refer to this spreadsheet for possible combinations for the highest rating.

Limitations of the Silent Assassin rating:

  • One alert allowed.
  • One close encounter allowed (one alert + one close encounter ruins Silent Assassin rating).
  • Only one shot allowed if an enemy is killed and no more than two shots if an enemy is harmed (infinite shots allowed if fired only at walls/ground/sky or targets).
  • Civilians cannot be harmed or killed.
  • One enemy kill allowed in most cases. Two enemies + one alert also grants SA if everything else is zero.
  • Only on Asylum Aftermath, one close encounter ruins the SA rating.

    Silent Assassin in Asylum Aftermath with the dead SWAT officer.


Silenced, or dual variants of weapons are awarded for achieving Silent Assassin in certain levels.

Unlockable weapons include:

Hitman: Blood Money

How to obtain

Silent Assassin rating in Blood Money.

While Hitman: Blood Money's Silent Assassin system mostly is the same throughout all difficulties, the player gains certain requirements when playing a higher difficulty. They will be marked with (NORMAL+) in front of them.

In order to obtain "Silent Assassin" in Blood Money, the player must:

  • Not blow their cover.
    • The player's cover is blown when guards are attacking the player.
    • The player's cover cannot be blown while wearing the Suit
  • Acquire no witnesses.
    • Any NPC who sees the player doing anything incriminating (such as picking locks, attacking, holding a weapon, etc) will become a witness.
    • Any NPC taken as a human shield in the presence of a mirror will become a witness, including after being knocked out.
    • Animals can also become witnesses.
    • Getting caught trespassing will not result in witnesses.
    • Getting caught on camera in the act will not result in witnesses. However, guards who are monitoring the camera will immediately run towards the camera's location and attack the player on sight.
  • Not get recorded on camera.
    • The player can steal the video tape to void this.
  • Not harm or kill anyone but the targets.
    • Accident kills are exempted.
    • Human shields who are killed by guards are exempted.
    • Harming or killing animals are exempted.
    • Unarmed combat (pushing, headbutting, punching, disarming) does not count as harming.
    • Sedating and knocking out NPCs does not count as harming.
  • Not allow weapons to be detected during a frisk.
    • Hiding weapons inside other objects (such as crates) will render them undetectable.
    • The player's Rifle Case can be upgraded to make the W2000 sniper rifle undetectable.
  • Leave no evidence. (NORMAL+)
    • The player's suit and custom weapons count as evidence. Anything else, including the player's rifle case, does not.
    • Payment will be deducted at the end of the mission if evidence is left at the scene.
  • Not let bodies be found. (NORMAL+)
    • Bodies of accident kills are exempted (lethal poison syringe kills do not count as accidents).
    • Bodies of animals are exempted.


Upon achieving Silent Assassin rating, the player will receive the maximum possible rating bonus of $150,000, along with no notoriety gains, if playing on Normal difficulty and above.

Easter Egg: The Russian Hare

An easter egg rating of The Russian Hare can be achieved in the mission A New Life. The player needs to bring a sniper rifle to the treehouse with a view to the target's pool, and snipe the entire FBI security force while not killing any civilians or changing out of his suit.

Hitman: Absolution

How to obtain

While Blood Money's Silent Assassin system is based on how careful the player is in their mission directly, Hitman: Absolution's Silent Assassin system is based on how many points the player achieves in gameplay. The player will receive a points multiplier based on the difficulty. The difficulties are categorized by Enhanced (Easy/Normal), and Professional (Hard/Expert/Purist). The player can also complete challenges to receive points multipliers (Normal+ Difficulty).

While Silent Assassin is the best rank possible, due to the ways some levels are built, the player can only achieve the preceding rank, "Shadow," or the preceding of that, "Professional", or even lower. This is true especially if there is no assassination target in a level, since killing a target rewards the highest score out of all other activities.

To obtain enough points to earn maximum available rating in Absolution, the player must:

  • Only kill targets if there are any on the mission segment. Doing this without being spotted will give the "Silent Assassin" bonus (Killing non-civilian NPCs is allowed on other segments).
  • Kill targets with accident kills or Fiber Wire. This will give the "Signature Kill" bonus.
  • Kill NPCs with a stealth melee attack, a headshot, or in an accident.
  • Never get spotted.
  • Kill no civilians. Doing this will give a high "Civilian Casualty" penalty.
  • Hide all bodies (Hiding bodies after pacifying a non-target will negate the point loss, but doesn't give enough for a non-target kill, unless killed with a headshot, silent attack or signature attack).
  • Collecting all evidence.
  • (ENHANCED: NORMAL+) Increasing the difficulty (Gives a point multiplier, with Purist giving the highest, and Expert being second, as Expert gives 100%, while Purist gives 150%.).
  • (ENHANCED: NORMAL+) Completing challenges.

Note: Killing an NPC (not civilian) with a headshot, silenced weapon, fiber wire, melee weapon (stealth attack), etc., and then hiding their body doesn't affects the points, since all positive points are negated by negative points.
Note 2: Disposing of subdued bodies by dropping them from great heights (such as through windows in high buildings) doesn't count as killing, but turning on the garden shredder with them inside does.

Levels where achieving Silent Assassin rank is possible are:


There are no rewards for achieving Silent Assassin rating in Absolution, but achieving the target score for a segment will unlock an Assasin Technique. Beating 30 different segments with the target or better score is required to unlock them all.

World of Assassination Trilogy

How to obtain

Silent Assassin rating in HITMAN™

As of HITMAN™, the silent assassin system has returned, similarly to Blood Money's procedure. To obtain "Silent Assassin" rating in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2, the player must:

  • Only kill targets.
  • Not get spotted.
    • In HITMAN™ 2 & HITMAN III, getting spotted by a target and then killing the target does not count against players attempting to achieve Silent Assassin.
    • In HITMAN™ 2 & HITMAN III, getting spotted during the cutscene while leaving in a restricted area will not ruin SA. In HITMAN™ however, it does.
  • Have no witnesses.
  • Not get caught on camera.
    • If caught, destroy the recordings.
    • In HITMAN 2 and HITMAN III cameras are absent on casual difficulty.
  • No Bodies Found.
    • Targets killed with accidents or poison are allowed to be found.
    • In HITMAN™ 2 & HITMAN III, targets finding bodies does not count against players attempting to achieve Silent Assassin, as they must be eliminated anyway. However, an SA run will be ruined if they alert a guard.
  • Prevent non-target kills (non-target kills with accidents also ruin the rating).


Completing one Elusive Target with the Silent Assassin rating unlocks the Terminus suit, and completing five ETs with Silent Assassin unlocks the Winter Suit. Completing final stage of any escalation with Silent Assassin rating unlocks ICA Tripwire Mine in HITMAN™2.


  • Silent Assassin is the most sought-after rating by players in the series.
  • In Absolution, the player's score for a mission will be placed on an online leader-board, where friends can compare scores for that level.
    • The same system is in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2, and first appeared in Blood Money though logging into Eidos' servers on the main menu.
  • Contracts Mode in both Absolution, HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2 puts the player's score on a worldwide leader-board for that contract, along with Silent Assassin in the latter.
  • In Blood Money, the inability of 47 to get his cover blown in his suit allows him to trespass restricted areas (and even getting shot at because of it) and still get away with a Silent Assassin rating.
  • Several unofficial ratings/markings have been created by the community as speedrunning badges, fun, and difficulty for the experienced.
    • These include "Pro" (completing the mission on Professional difficulty), "Suit Only" (completing the mission only in the player's suit), "All Zeros" (all numerical rating stats are at zero, except for accidents) and "Accidents Only" (all targets are killed by accidents)


An example of the Silent Assassin rating in Contracts.