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Dijana "Di" Radoncic is a new character introduced in Hitman: Absolution and a member of an elite group of killers, code-named The Saints.[1] She is the third of The Saints to die.


Dijana is a member of the elite ICA team, code-named "The Saints". She is searching for and training potential new members for this group under the specific orders of Benjamin Travis.

She is one of the twin members of the Saints and fights alongside her biological twin sister, Agnija "Aggie" Radoncic. They were born in Serbia. Their parents were Serbian and Croatian. Although they are very similar, they are very different in terms of attitude and style. She comes from Montenegro, a country ravished by years of inter-ethnic and as a result grew up knowing the hardships of life and cruelty.[2] After their parents died in the Yugoslav Wars, they joined a guerilla group and later an underground vendetta movement.

ICA File

  • Name: Radoncic, Dijana (Di)
  • Date of Birth: 04.22.1978
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Nationality: Montenegrin
  • Rank: Eagle
  • Gender: F
  • Children: None
  • Relationship: None
  • Sponsor: ICA-PF-579113/TRAVIS
  • Citizenships: N/A
  • File No.: N/A
  • Initiative: The Saints
  • Distinguishing Marks: N/A
  • Val: N/A
  • Amt: N/A
  • File Clearance: Tetra
  • ID: N/A


  • In the "Attack of the Saints" trailer, her chain is much shorter than Agnija's. In the game, Dijana doesn't wear it at all. She can also be recognized by her brown eyes and her dual-wielding pistols.
  • Dijana has her neck snapped by Agent 47 in the "Attack of the Saints" trailer (he is shown grabbing her head and preparing to twist). In the trailer and in the game, she is the third to die.
  • Dijana is shown walking first in the beginning of "Attack of the Saints" trailer. In the second cut-scene with the Saints in Hitman: Absolution she is the first saint, who left the bus. In the trailer and in the cut-scene, she is shown standing second from the left.
  • In the second cut-scene with the Saints, she is shown with a revolver in her hands. The weapon like this in the game uses LaSandra Dixon. Later in the same scene she passes Dixon a rocket launcher, the favourite LaSandra's weapon in promotional materials.
  • In the game, she is the only saint who trying to keep contact with another saints, Jennifer Anne Paxton and Heather McCarthy, who are already dead at that moment and can't answer. She's also the only saint who meets with another saint, her twin-sister Agnija.
  • Though the game advices to keep both sisters divided, they can be killed at the same time by an explosion. For this kind of elimination player will be rewarded with an achievement.
  • In the ICA file folder Dijana shares a personnel file with Agnija.