Dino Bosco, included in one of the summer bonus missions, is a target in HITMAN™.


The legendary Dino Bosco has hit hard times in the recent years. Raised in an artistic family, he has always rebelled against conformities. Although born to a wealthy family, he has always gagged on whatever silver spoon he was fed with, believing that to obtain greatness, "you needed to earn it," and no one can deny that Bosco hasn't paid his dues, starting in the early 80s in low budget horror and erotic films. 

By the start of the 1990s he began to gain attention from a new breed of film directors who embraced exploitation as art and not trash, and he quickly became a rising star on the world cinema scene.

But true success didn't arrive until his award-winning performance in Sergio Tinto's, a throwback to Italian neo-realism which secured his star status.

Bosco had the world in his hands, and he was allowed to star and direct in the film series that propelled him into international stardom, the Tony Dan films, based on I. E. Sturgess' 60s cult novels. The films were huge hits globally and for a long time it seemed that Bosco could do no wrong.

However, it was not to be. The cliché lifestyle of drugs and alcohol soon took its toll, and his downfall was finally sealed. During the premier of the last Tony Dan film, Il Brute, at Cannes, he urinated on the screen because the producers had re-edited his "masterpiece". He became persona non grata with a reputation for being "difficult", and his life went into a void of drugs and scandals.

So it was a surprise to many when L'Avventura Pictures had hired him to direct and star in the big-budget film adaptation of the comic book "The Icon".

However, the shoot turned into something quite troublesome, and he hijacked the whole production to Sapienza "to get away from those greedy producer capitalists who know nothing about art". His unrestrained spending quickly put L'Avventura Pictures deep into debt. Unable to remove Bosco from the director's chair without violating their contract, L'Avventura managed to hire the ICA out of desperation in order to have Bosco eliminated before he destroyed the company.