Dominic "Dom" Osmond was the owner of the Vixen Club, a strip club in Chicago. He also helped Edward Wade and Blake Dexter in their hunt to track and kidnap Victoria. He is a target in the mission Hunter and Hunted.


Dom Osmond was the owner of the Vixen Club in Chicago. He was also an old friend of and informant to Blake Dexter and Wade who played a part in the hunt for Victoria. For this reason, 47 tracks him down in Hunter and Hunted to eliminate him with help from Birdie, whom 47 suspects has a personal motive behind Osmond's death. 47's suspicions turn out to be true, when Birdie later uses the death of Osmond as a pretext to offer his services as an informant to Blake Dexter. While he is an excellent informant, he also did a lot of dirty work in his own nightclub. Osmond forces the women who work at his club into prostitution and is implied to keep them in check with threats of violence. When one of them really defies him, Osmond raped and killed them in a specially prepared room in a derelict building adjoining the club. He referred to it as "sending them to Hawaii", a reference to the tropic wallpaper in the room where they are bound to a chair. According to dialogue in the strip club, at least two strippers named Laurie and Amber were killed by Dom when he beat them to death with a billy club. A body 47 found in the derelict building is presumed to be Amber's.



  • According to the HITMAN™ trailer "Legacy", Osmond was canonically killed by a head-shot with an unsuppressed JAGD P22G, in his private booth.
  • Dom Osmond had something to do with Amber's murder
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