Director Erich Soders is the former Board Member and Senior Supervisor for the International Contract Agency. He and Diana Burnwood oversee Agent 47 during his training at the Agency's hidden hideout. He later becomes the target in the final mission of HITMAN™, Situs Inversus, making him the secondary antagonist in HITMAN™.


Retired from the field in 1981, Erich Soders is still considered the best ICA agent of his generation.

Despite his superior skills, Soders was forced to retire at an early age, due to a congenital heart condition. One of his last missions was the legendary assassination of Jasper Knight, a U.S. chess master who was exposed as a KGB spy, a mission which is still studied vicariously by ICA Handlers for its craft and strategic purity.

Soders was appointed as Senior Supervisor in charge of recruitment and training of new ICA operatives and later joined the ICA Board of Directors.

Soders suffers from the rare condition, Situs Inversus, in which his internal organs are reversed. He received his first heart transplant in 1995 - a procedure that might have involved illegal, black market organ trading. However, being a sacred ICA cow, no formal investigation was made.

Intel suggests that Soders is once again dying and right-sided donor hearts are almost impossible to obtain. This, plus the fact that Soders is virtually broke from gambling, gives an indication of why he has chosen to betray ICA and become a mole for Providence. They not only have access to the best medical treatments that money can buy, but they also have the global reach and means to procure an illegal donor heart at short notice.

Soders cannot have been on Providence payroll for more than a few weeks. Otherwise, he would have warned them about the hits on their operatives in Italy and Morocco. He was likely turned shortly after the abduction of Thomas Cross from his son's funeral, when Providence realized that someone was using ICA to attack their operatives. Providence has presumably kept files on all ICA board members, in case they would ever need to infiltrate us. This explains why Soders' file was among the shadow client's research in Colorado.

Erich Soders is a survivor, plan and simple. Once a formidable assassin, he grew bitter and resentful after his early forced retirement and has now lost all sense of honor. This mission is regrettable, yet necessary. Soders must pay for his treachery and we must draw a line in the sane.
― Target Intel


  • Soders' donor heart is from a Brazilian "guttersnipe", a pejorative generally used to describe a young, poor and often homeless person.
  • According to "Overachievers," Soders killed Jasper Knight with a rigged ejector seat, a similar method Agent 47 can use during The Final Test.
  • In contracts mode Soders is not considered a person, instead it shows him as if he was an inanimate object.
  • He was the one who recruited Diana into the ICA, as he was the best friend of her parents.
  • He wanted Agent 47 to fail training, as he viewed him as a threat due to his inhuman nature.
  • Along with Arthur Edwards, Erich Soders is considered one of the prime candidates for the identity of Mr. X. Soders is first introduced (and prominently shown) in the shadows, he has a motive for wanting 47 dead, he bears a physical resemblance to the Mystery Man, and he clearly knows a lot more about the facility in Romania than he lets on.


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