Director Erich Soders is the former Director of the administration board for the International Contract Agency. He and Diana Burnwood oversee Agent 47 during his training at the Agency's hidden hideout. He later becomes the target in the final mission of season one of the 2016 release HITMAN™, Situs Inversus, he is the secondary antagonist in HITMAN™.


Early Life

Not much is known about Soders' life except he was an ICA field agent. He performed many assassinations that were seen as skillful before 47 was recruited by the ICA. One of his famous assassinations is Jasper Knight, an American chess master revealed to be a KGB spy. In his final mission, Soders killed Knight at an airport in Cuba. The mission is studied by ICA handlers for its craft and strategic purity.

He recruited Diana into ICA due being friends with her parents. In 1981, he is forced to retired at an early age due to a congenital heart condition but was still seen as the best ICA agent, and became a legend among agents. He soon became Senior Supervisor, responsible for recruitment and training of potential ICA operatives, and became the Director of Administration Board in the ICA Board of Directors.

New Mysterious Recruit

In 1999, Soders oversaw the training of an unnamed operative. While Soders was impressed by the operative’s skills, he expressed some concern with his mysterious background and his lack of moral restraint. However, he reluctantly allowed the operative to continue training at the behest of Diana, who agreed to be fully responsible for his training. Soders attempted to sabotage the operative’s final test by increasing security, though this ultimately failed. Grudgingly, he accepted the operative into the ICA.

Deteriorating Health and Betrayal

Soders suffered from a rare congenital condition that caused his internal organs to be reversed. In 1995, Soders received his very first heart transplant. While the organ was procured illegally, his status as an ICA Director did not result in an investigation.

Soders' condition would ultimately worsen. Unable to acquire a right-sided donor heart and left financially ruined from gambling, Soders became a Providence mole. In exchange for a list of ICA clients and operatives, Providence arranged for Soders to receive a right-sided donor heart.

Soders would eventually order a raid on a farm in Colorado in an attempt to weaken the Shadow Client and his Private Militia. While the raid was successful, Soders was compromised and forced to flee when an investigation by Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood discovered him to be a Providence mole.


Soders was fast-tracked to Hokkaido for emergency heart surgery at the private GAMA hospital. While there, Soders was able to share the client records of the ICA with Yuki Yamazaki, a Providence operative. However, before Soders could disclose a full list of ICA operatives, both Soders and Yamazaki were assassinated by 47.


  • Soders' donor heart is from a Brazilian "guttersnipe", a pejorative generally used to describe a young, poor and often homeless person.
  • According to "Overachievers," Soders killed Jasper Knight with a rigged ejector seat, a similar method Agent 47 can use during The Final Test.



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