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Escalation Contracts (also known as "Escalations") are a new form of gameplay in the World of Assassination Triology, introduced in HITMAN™.

Escalation Contracts require the player to kill certain targets, while giving them a side objective along the levels as the difficulty ramps up. They are meant to be challenging, so certain requisites will change the number of guards, add security cameras, or make a person or group see through all or certain disguises, artificially affecting normal gameplay.


Just like a normal contract, an Escalation contract requires the player to kill one to several targets, with added requisites like using a certain weapon for the kill or killing the target while wearing a certain disguise. However, after a the contract is completed, the contract must be repeated with greater difficulty. The player will face an added challenge which may be more targets, prohibitions on being seen, or certain conditions like using a disguise only once or avoid any subduing whatsoever.

Escalation contracts generally have five levels, but some have only three. Once the player advances an escalation contract level, it is not possible to go back and play a specific level. The player may, however, reset the contract level to one for an escalation contract from the menu.

Completing the last level of an Escalation Contract will award the player with the feat of the same title, and five thousand mastery points in that destination.

Complications in later stages of an Escalation Contract tend to block obvious and/or easy solutions for carrying out the mission.

Planning and execution

When planning, the available locations and weapons are the ones unlocked by mastery level. It is therefore recommended to finish the story mission before attempting Escalation Contracts for that location, as some contracts can be very difficult. As an example, if a contract does not allow the player to pacify anybody, it would be wise to start the contract with a disguise. The same thing happens with certain kill conditions, as if the contract requires the target to be killed with an explosive, it would be better if the player can plan ahead and bring a remote explosive.

With that said, every contract is playable regardless of the player's mastery level or unlocked content. In the previous example of having the requirement of not pacifying anybody, if a kill requires a certain disguise, it will be obtainable without the need of subduing anybody.

As with normal contracts, killing the target without following the contract rules will automatically fail the mission, but also there may be requirements that may make the player fail the mission immediately and that will be specified on the briefing. In addition, certain conditions may make the player fail the contract even if the mission does not stop, such as subduing a target that needs to be killed with a melee weapon or poison, or disposing of a body in a way that the disguise is not reachable while being one of the contract rules.


Freeform Training

There is one escalation that take place within the Freeform Training

The Final Test

There is one escalation that take place within The Final Test

The Showstopper

There are nineteen escalations within The Showstopper.

World of Tomorrow

There are twelve escalations within World of Tomorrow.

The Icon

There is one escalation for the bonus episode The Icon.


There is one escalation for the bonus episode Landslide.

A Gilded Cage

There are eight escalations available for A Gilded Cage.

A House Built On Sand

There are two escalations for the bonus episode A House Built on Sand.

Club 27

There are four escalations within Club 27.

Freedom Fighters

There are three escalations within Freedom Fighters

Situs Inversus

There are four escalations within Situs Inversus.



There is one escalation within Nightcall.

The Finish Line

There are seven escalations within The Finish Line.

Three-Headed Serpent

There are six escalations within Three-Headed Serpent.

Chasing a Ghost

There are six escalations within Chasing a Ghost.

Another Life

There are five escalations within Another Life.

The Ark Society

There are six escalations within The Ark Society.

Golden Handshake

There is one escalation within Golden Handshake.

The Last Resort

There is one escalation within The Last Resort


On Top of the World

There are currently five escalations within On Top of the World.

Death in the Family

There are currently three escalations within Death in the Family.

Apex Predator

There are currently four escalation within Apex Predator with one of them being a seasonal escalation only available for a limited time.

End of an Era

There are currently three escalations within End of an Era.

The Farewell

There are currently two escalations within The Farewell.


There is currently one escalation within Untouchable.