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Etta Davis (also known as "The Angel of Death") was the fifteenth Elusive Target in HITMAN™. She first appeared in the mission A Gilded Cage from December 2nd 2016 to December 9th, 2016, and was reactivated on June 1st 2018 to June 11th 2018.

She was later reactivated as a legacy elusive target in HITMAN™ 2 from September 27th, 2019 to October 7th, 2019.


Etta Davis demonstrates that evil can hide in the most unassuming of places. The well-educated and urbane woman is a former nurse, well liked for her soothing beside manner and calm nature. It is unclear when she commenced her career of murder, but is most likely to have begun during her tenure at the Graverlyside Hospice in the 1980s. Under cover of the naturally high mortality rate of such locations, she perfected a range of skills including poisoning and directed sabotage.

Following the death of a former member of parliament while in her care, investigations were opened and are ongoing, but the death is likely to be ruled an accident. However, additional information provided as a part of the contract background indicates a very high likelihood that she in fact sabotaged the former Minister's wheelchair, leading to a precipitous plunge down a flight of stairs. Alarmingly, this information also indicates that her rate of predation has increased.

Her preferred techniques include poisonings, sabotaging fixtures, and in several cases the careful weakening of staircases. While she eschews firearms and physical combat, she is a deadly predator, who is extremely likely to kill again.

The current chaos in Marrakesh would provide extremely good cover for further predations, so her rapid elimination will no doubt save lives.
― Target Intel


  • Her dialogue mentions that she had a husband; it's implied that she killed him by making him fall down a flight of stairs.
  • She starts the mission in the headmaster's balcony, above the carpet shop. The Headmaster is absent from the property, and it is heavily implied she has killed him. Two soldiers can be overheard commenting on how it is unusual for him to be tardy, and two civilians can be heard gossiping about how he was purportedly taking a woman home, a woman whose description matches Davis'.
    • His hat can be found on the rooftop, as well as cleaning supplies.
  • Davis is either blind to or deliberately ignoring the commanding officer's obvious distaste for her. Despite praising him as a true gentleman and a paragon of virtue upon their first encounter, she insists on calling him colonel, despite his protestations that that is not his real rank. The "colonel" often insults her and denigrates his escorting responsibility under his breath. She briefly mentions getting a cup of tea with the colonel, hinting that she may wish to murder him next.
  • Davis has a distaste for technology: she laments the advent of cordless phones and insults those who use email instead of letter-writing to be penpals. It is hinted that this is in part because she fears being monitored, with her being particularly frustrated by the common use of cellphones in Marrakesh.
  • Even though Diana says to not accept a cup of tea from her at any point during the mission, the opportunity seemingly never arises.
  • As shown in her briefing, her murders include:
    • 1998 August, two murders, County Sansbury
    • 1999 November, seven murders, County Holmsworth
    • 2001 January, five murders, County Witbury
    • 2002 May-August, seventeen murders, Counties Shaelsworth
    • 2003 August, five murders West Umbrage
    • 2004 December, eleven murders, North Willoughby
  • Davis appears to be inspired by English serial killer Harold Shipman, who had killed several patients under his care while working as a general practitioner. Shipman also had the alias of "The Angel of Death", which may have inspired the name of the mission.