Eugene Cobb was the CEO of financial giant Milton-Fitzpatrick and a secret Providence operative. He is mentioned by name and appears in a photo in HITMAN™, later appearing during a flashback in HITMAN™ 2 and mentioned again in HITMAN™ III.


Eugene Cobb was the CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick, a Providence-backed finance firm. As one of their Heralds, Cobb possessed a key to the Providence archive in New York, a vault that contained information on the organization's assets and operatives. Cobb would eventually hire Lucas Grey as his head of security.

During a flight over the Pacific, Grey murdered Cobb in order to acquire his key. Though Grey escaped, the plane disappeared, miles off course; according to FAA, there was a radar malfunction. Cobb was classified as missing after that. He was succeeded by Alexander Fanin.


  • Cobb was the first Providence operative to be killed in Hitman: World of Assassination's storyline.
  • Marcus Stuyvesant's bio in On Top of the World reveals that Marcus's father considered appointing Cobb as a Partner of Providence instead of his own son, but passed away before he could make a final decision.
  • Given that the plane disappeared on a beautiful sunny day and neither Cobb nor the black box was found, his death sparked numerous conspiracy theories, such as Fanin orchestrating his death in order to become CEO.
  • Someone reported to the news channel GNN that Cobb's death was “a tragedy for capitalism.”
  • According to a bank teller in Milton-Fitzpatrick's New York branch, Cobb had named Athena Savalas to be his successor for the position of CEO.
  • The father of a High Security Guard in New York heard a rumor that Cobb and Savalas are part of a secret society that rules the world, hinting at Providence.
  • Cobb's photo from Grey's Providence chart during Freedom Fighters looks nothing like his appearance during HITMAN™ 2.
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