The Exterminator outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2.



Worn by the exterminator's from Bug SWAT. In Club 27 this disguise 47 gains access to the backyard, the basement and most of Wing A except for the Security room and the Emperor Suite.

While wearing the disguise 47 can talk with the hotel manager and claim that he needs to inspect the Empreror Suite.This results in all NPCs temporarily leaving the suite and 47 gaining access until their return.

Jordan Cross will also leave the suite and move to the atrium. This allows the player to complete several challenges (Nutcracker; Oh Snap!; Oops! I Did it again!) than can't be done otherwise.

The disguise can still be obtained in The Source, but can no longer be used to gain access to the Empreror Suite. The backyard has also become a restricted area.


Worn by the exterminator in Whittleton Creek in Another Life. The disguise grants access to the Construction Site, Batty Property and the garden of the Cassidy Property. Dressed as exterminator can 47 can put poison into the fumigation machine without causing suspicion. Depending on the type of poison used, the smoke will then either kill (lethal), knock-out (sedative) or sicken (emetic) everyone inside the Cassidy residence. While wearing this disguise, 47 himself is protected against the smoke.

Notable owners


The Exterminator outfit appears in the following missions:




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