Ezra Berg is a target in Freedom Fighters, the seventh mission in HITMAN™. He is assassinated with the rest of his colleagues.


Ezra Berg is a retired Mossad agent specializing in chemical interrogation techniques.

The son of an Israeli architect. Berg had a privileged upbringing in surburban Tel Aviv. However, during the inspecting of a West Bank housing project, Berg's entire family was taken hostage by Hezbollah and held for ransom. Eventually rescued by Israeli troops, young Berg has nevertheless come to sympathize with the plight of his captors. He was still committed to the safety of his nation, but he came to resent his government's harsh and inhumane treatment of a vastly inferior enemy.

Berg studied chemistry and took a particular interest in psychoactive medication. He eventually became an intelligence operative for Mossad, specializing in chemical interrogations, where he earned a reputation for being clean, efficient, reliable and able to make anyone crack. His methods were hardly ethical, but nevertheless non-violent, and Berg considered his services a "lesser evil".

Slowly, however, he began expanding his repertoire, dabbling in drug induced hypnosis, memory wipes and subliminal mind control. This became too controversial for the Mossad leaders who forced Berg into an early retirement. In 2015, he sold his property in Tel Aviv to, allegedly, travel the world. He has not been seen since.

A polite and soft-spoken gentleman, Berg considers himself a humanitarian who performs necessary duties with the least amount to cruelty and indignity. He is nevertheless willing and able to inflict intense psychological terror and can be recognized by his trademark featureless silicone mask, which he uses to unnerve and terrify his sedated subjects.



One of Berg's use of interrogation on his victims. Berg made drugs through psychological and physical harm onto the victims to the point that is too controversial by Mossad's standards.

Mossad Training:

Best assumed that Berg trained in basic hand to hand combat, firearms, basic explosives, lockpicks, collecting intel, sabotage, and interrogations.

Interrogation Expert:

Berg's Mossad Training made him very efficient with interrogation through psychological and physical means to the point Mossad relieved him of his duty.


  • Berg isn't content with Sean Rose's radical practices. He talks with Penelope Graves about Rose's plans to kidnap some children in Shanghai and make something innocent kill them, probably some Providence related action. It can be heard that Berg is very upset talking about this.
  • Many militia members seem to think that Berg is weird or psycho because of his mask, but actually he is one of the more well-behaved members of the camp.
  • Berg's mask may be a reference to Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise.
    • Berg's mask may also be a reference to horrific real life serial killer Edward Paisnel aka "the Beast of Jersey", who wore a similar mask in real life to hide his identity while he committed his horrific crimes.
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