FN-2000 a Belgian-made bull-pup assault rifle. It is a very accurate and high powered rifle. It shoots 5.56x45 mm NATO. It can fire in full auto without much recoil, thus making it an excellent rifle for taking out multiple targets, yet the FN-2000 is rather loud.


The accuracy is decent enough, though the fire-rate is pretty high, leaving it quite easy to shoot through the entire magazine within a few seconds.

To compensate for the fast fire-rate, the weapon has a fast reload time, so when you go through mags faster, you can put new ones in pretty fast as well. Another downside is that you need to take it from the rifle case to use it, similar to the Dragunov, but it is faster than W2000 Sniper, as it requires no assembly.

This weapon is very noisy, and should be use in firefight situations only.




  • The F2000, quite oddly, uses a RIS-mounted carrying handle instead of its proprietary x1.6 scope, and the carrying handle lacks any kind of reliable iron sights.
  • The FN-2000 in game closely resembled the first-generation of the FN F2000. Also, its carrying handle is identical to its standard factory attachment, the 1.6x optic.
  • Diana refers this weapon as "high tech gear" at the Shark Club party.
  • In-game, the magazine capacity is 20 rounds. This is incorrect as the weapon is clearly using a 30-round STANAG magazine.
  • This weapon is also visible on Eve's laptop, it is possible that the FN-2000 carried by Martinez was intended to be used against 47.
  • FN-2000 is the only concealable assault rifle in Hitman: Blood Money. However this only in it's briefcase which is only available in the missions it appears in. If you select this weapon for your loadout it will appear it will be stored in the ICA crate as with any other non-concealable weapon.
  • The FN-2000 in the Death on the Mississippi mission which was gifted to Skip Muldoon, was kept in the guard quarters and intended to be used against Alligators.