Fabian Fuchs is one of the infamous Fuchs terrorist brothers, one of 47's genetic uncles (since he is Franz Fuchs's brother), and the first one to be killed by 47. He is a target in The Bjarkhov Bomb.


Hitman: Contracts

Fabian's corpse in Diana's ICA File

Fabian's corpse, pictured in Diana Burnwood's ICA File

He was sent to make a deal with former Red Army officer Sergei Bjarkhov at his Siberian bomb production facility in order to purchase some of his bombs, but 47 was sent to kill them both.


  • Fabian can be heard cursing Yurishka's soup in Russian while on the toilet.
  • Fabian is over twenty six years younger than his brother Frantz.
  • Fabien is the only target in Hitman: Contracts who's disguise can be worn.