Fernando Xalvador Delgado was a winemaker and a drug lord who set up his drug lab beneath, and under the cover of his vineyard with his son, Manuel Delgado. He lived in Chile and owned a seaplane. After his death, carried out by Agent 47, 47 stole the seaplane and escaped.

Early life

Delgado was born in 1936, had his first son Manuel Delgado in 1967, followed by Jose Delgado and possibly more children. He served as a colonel in Chile's intelligence service during the rule of Augusto Pinochet, between 1974 and 1990.

Later life

During or after his service, he began drug trafficking under the guise of wine-making, owning a vineyard and living in a villa on the property.

Though some consider him a very talented winemaker, others say he made some of the worst wine in Chile.


He was killed by Agent 47 along with his son on February 9, 2004 at the celebrational unveiling of his new wine, which was named for 1980s B-movie action star Rex Stanton. Agent 47 was told to kill Manuel to "make it look like a drug hit" suggesting it was not drug-related, but possibly a vengeful enemy from his intelligence service days. 


  • During the mission A Vintage Year, he plays the Cello suite No. 1, prelude
  • He was without a doubt a very accomplished Cello player. He normally played only on rare, private occasions, but once played his own piece "Ode To A Scream" at the 1994 Summer National Symphony Orchestra which was favorably reviewed by critics. Another one of his hobbies was butterfly collecting (they are framed all around his house), saying he loved all things beautiful and quiet.
  • His own piece named "Ode To A Scream" has a strong reference to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"
  • Though the text of Fernando's obituary says his wines were internationally renowned and had won several awards, the caption of his picture in the newspaper says he "made some of the worst wine in all of Chile". 
  • Fernando and his son were murdered February 29, 2004.
  • Next to the article about Fernando's death, the player can read a small story about the villagers where he lived mourning his death. In that article, he is incorrectly referred to as "José Delgado"
  • A radio report in Attack of the Saints states that The King of Chinatown was his main buyer,
  • Interestingly enough, he wears the same attire - a white suit and pink shirt - as Pablo Ochoa, Agent 47´s only other target located in Latin America, who also happened to be a druglord. This could just be a coincidence or an intention on part of the developers. The missions featuring both men´s assassinations also share other similarities, such as the presence of an underground cocaine lab, exfiltration by airplane or the fact that both targets are located in a secluded room on the upper floor of their mansion.
  • The briefing of the HITMAN mission "The Showstopper" reveals that the Delgado cartel shot down a private jet carrying President Hernandez, using a flight path provided to them by Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov.
  • In the HITMAN™ cinematic "Legacy", Delgado was canonically killed by being strangled by Agent 47's Fiber Wire in his room, playing the cello.