Find the U'wa Tribe is the 6th mission in Hitman: Codename 47, and is also the first of three missions involving assassination of Pablo Ochoa.



After the events of Agent 47's meddling in Hong Kong, Agent 47 is sent another mission; to assassinate the drug lord Pablo Ochoa, a man said to have nine lives. Agent 47 needs to trek through the jungle to find a mysterious golden idol, and return it to the local Indian tribe to gain access to Ochoa's camp.

Mission Briefing

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Welcome to Colombia.

Your next target is the Colombian Drug Lord, Pablo Belisario Ochoa. Our customer wants to terminate his command.

The exact location of Pablo's camp is unknown, but you will be inserted into an area that should be close. The area is patrolled by Pablo's army, so avoid contact unless you are sure you can terminate without alarming the camp.

Pablo uses artifacts as a cover for his drug transportation. We know that one of his planes crashed a few days ago. On board the plane was a stolen religious idol. Returning this idol to the local tribe might endear you with them. We would be surprised if they did not know an alternate route to the Pablo's camp.

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency


  1. Secure religious idol.
  2. Bring idol to the Indian village.
  3. Rescue the Chief's brother from soldiers on the bridge.

Reward: $5,000



Find the U'wa Tribe Map

Locate the crashed airplane and examine the wreck. The cargo consists of sacred statues, stolen from local Indian tribes. Some of these idols have been hollowed out for drug smuggling. The plane was used to transport these ancient artifacts, now crammed with drugs.
One of the golden idols is especially important to a local tribe. Locate the idol and deliver it to the Tribe Chief.






  • Jungle Camo - Starting outfit, it is the equivalent of the Suit. Can be used over most of the level, as long as no weapons are drawn.
  • Soldier - Allows you to carry some weapons visibly.
  • Officer - Identical to the soldier disguise.



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