A Fire Alarm is an interactable object in Hitman. Its primary use is to cause a distraction by triggering it. In many cases this will cause an evacuation.



In the prologues Guided Training and Freeform Training you can find a fire alarm on the north side of Deck 00 in the center room. There is a door leading into the machinery room with a fusebox on one side and a fire alarm on the other. There is also a fire alarm on Deck 01 just outside of the two toilets.

The Final Test

In The Final Test prologue mission there are five fire alarms in total. On level 0 there is one inside the hangar outside the southern door. There is also one in the south west corner of the south western room with stairs leading up. Another one can be found in the south east corner of the large south east room, just by the door leading to the room with stairs leading up.

On level 2 there is one right outside the entrance to Jasper Knight's office which is located in the most north western room. Another one can be found on the same level along the east wall inside the most north eastern room, which is the restricted radio room.

The Showstopper

In The Showstopper episode, there are three fire alarms located on the ground level, as well as four of them on the very top floor. On level 1 there is a fire alarm outside the south entrance to the kitchen, which is the room to the west of the large north room (bar area). There is also a fire alarm located outside the north eastern toilets, as well as one in the very most south eastern room, along the south wall.

On level 3 there are two fire alarms inside the attic. Both of them are located just inside, by each exit leading to the west part of the floor on both the north and south side of the attic. One fire alarm is located in the larger west middle room where the IAGO auction is being held, along the east wall, near the entrance to Dalia Margolis's private office. Another one is also located in the north room with stairs leading down, along the south wall.

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