Florida Man is a disguise available in HITMAN™ 2 and HITMAN™ III. It can be found in Miami and Berlin, worn by Nicholas Velmorres, otherwise known as Florida Man.


In Miami, Velmorres can be found roaming the marina park. While the disguise doesn't grant access to any restricted areas, it plays a part in the The Munchies Mission Story. By wearing the disguise and unlocking Florida Man's food stand, the player can tend the food stand and serve potentially poisoned coconut balls to NPCs roaming the marina park, including Robert Knox.

In Berlin, Velmorres can be found roaming inside Club Hölle, around Basement Bar and Projection Bar specifically. Wearing the disguise grants access to the nightclub interior and Chill Out. However, it's a joke disguise that doesn't grant any access to restricted areas, which makes the disguise pretty much useless.

True to its origins, the outfit is one of the stranger ones in the games, consisting of bright tights worn under tube socks, apron, hoop earrings, gaudy sunglasses and a fake ponytail attached to a skull cap.


The Florida Man outfit appears in the following missions:




  • Despite technically being a food serving disguise, poisoning food and drink items that aren't Florida Man's coconut balls is considered an illegal action.
  • This disguise is a reference to the Florida Man meme, in which the phrase “Florida Man” is taken from various unrelated news articles describing people who hail from or live in Florida, and interpreted as the name of a fumbling superhero. Though unrelated, the news articles invariably involve either outrageous crimes or bizarre behavior, and the descriptor of "Florida man..." at the beginning of every story eventually creates the mental impression of a single outlandish individual committing all of these acts.


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