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Dr. Francesca De Santis, Ph.D (also known as "The Scientist") is a renowned Italian scientist and a target in the HITMAN™ mission World of Tomorrow.


A brilliant research scientist, Francesca De Santis is the current lab head on the virus project.

The daughter of a neo-classical composer and a stage designer, De Santis grew up in suburban Florence. However, she quickly manifested herself as cut from a very different cloth than her left-field parents.

She pursued a scientific career, quickly gaining a reputation for her thoroughness and single-minded perseverance. However, a born cynic and fiercely career-driven libertarian, De Santis was always more focused on advancement and climbing the corporate ladder.

To reach the coveted position as region head of R&D at the Ether Corporation, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, De Santis agreed to go undercover at Silvio Caruso's field lab to spy on him and make sure he doesn't unravel.

If he becomes a threat to the project of the company, De Santis has been instructed to have Caruso eliminated and carry on the work in his place, an order she has little qualms with.

Francesca De Santis comes across as charming, sophisticated, warm, caring and sensuous, but make no mistake; she is generally the smartest person in the room and two steps ahead of everyone else.

This ability, to appear innocent while stabbing people in the back, is exactly what makes her dangerous.
― Target Intel

Description and Behavior

Francesca is initially found on the top floor of the mansion, investigating Silvio's office for a combination code to his safe. Between her search, she will call a colleague regarding Silvio's mental state before taking a smoke. She is almost always accompanied by two villa guards.

Despite Francesca being sent by Ether to spy on and potentially eliminate Silvio, she appears to have grown sympathetic towards him. In a phone call with a colleague, she states her desire to kill Silvio painlessly, framing it as a suicide induced by guilt from killing his mother. If Francesca is given the DNA Sample from the safe, she will walk over to the fireplace. Upset by Silvio's betrayal, she will toss it in the fire. Silvio also has a Virus Prototype encoded with Francesca's DNA hidden in a model ship near his bedroom that can be used to kill her.

Francesca is in an affair with Silvio's golf coach, Roberto Vargas, which has begun getting in the way of her career. 47 can take Roberto's disguise and meet her inside Francesca's bedroom. While drinking champagne, she will tell Roberto about being sent by Ether to spy on Caruso, and how they feel Roberto is a distraction. Right before she attempts to seduce him, Ether calls her about a data stream, causing her to return upstairs.

Francesca has contacted private investigator Sal Falcone about a case he previously did for Silvio. If the two meet inside the portico tunnel, he will tell her that Silvio wanted DNA samples from his school bullies, intending to kill them with his virus. If 47 disguises as Falcone, he will refuse to tell her, providing the opportunity to silently kill her.

If the virus prototype is destroyed, Francesca will be summoned to the lab to investigate. She will decontaminate the laboratory and walk in, shocked. Afterwards, she will return to her normal route.


  • Francesca is an enforcer for the Lab Technician, Biolab Security and Roberto Vargas disguises.
  • According to two swimmer men near the church, Francesca is in her 40s.
  • According to a phone call with a colleague, Francesca studied graphology.
  • According to two mansion staff members assembling furniture on the mansion's top floor, Francesca is into minimalism, which encouraged Silvio to buy new furniture to her taste upon hearing it.
  • The ID card Francesca wears shows an earlier picture of her with a different hairstyle and facial structure.
  • Despite her sympathy towards Silvio, if held at gunpoint she may proclaim her hatred for Silvio for being "smug" and that he should be killed instead. She might also offer to help kill Silvio, though the player will be unable to follow up on this.