Dr. Francesca De Santis, Ph.D is a renowned Italian bio-engineer and Agent 47's target in World Of Tomorrow.


The daughter of a neo-classical composer and a stage designer, Francesca was more interested in science and economics than the interests of her entertaining parents. Applying herself to her studies and later career in corporate science, she swiftly rose up the ladder to become a leading researcher in the Ether Corporation.

Francesca has been assigned the task of monitoring Silvio Caruso and to, if it becomes necessary, eliminate him before carrying on his research. Francesca has no qualms about this activity and is fully capable of carrying on the research without him. During her stay at Silvio's villa, though, she's become romantically entangled with Silvio's golf coach Roberto and has found herself interested in something beyond a mere fling.

World of Tomorrow

While attempting to carry out her orders and monitor Silvio, she determines he murdered his mother and informs the Ether Corporation. Roberto contacts her to arrange a romantic rendezvous and she makes plans to meet with a Detective she's been using to check up on him. During this time, Agent 47 tracks her down and eliminates her.


  • Francesca is immensely jealous and suspicious of her new paramour. She reacts negatively to talk of his previous love life and is having a private detective investigate him. Interestingly, Roberto seems to be in love with her despite his ladies' man reputation.
  • Francesca intended to kill Silvio before, but reacts to the revelation he planned to kill her with a sense of stunned betrayal.
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