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Frank Owens was a henchman of Edward Wade who was assigned to locate Birdie, informant of Agent 47 in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year. He was killed on the same day along with Larry Clay and Bill Dole by 47.


Not much is known about Frank Owens at this time. He is one of the newest members of Wade's crew. So far, he hasn't been recognized as being on of the brightest members, and could be described as easily distracted. He has become close friends with another member of Wade's crew, Larry Clay.

During the Chinese new year, Owens is overheard talking to Wade on his cellphone. It is apparent that he is not entirely aware of Wade's methods, as he questions Wade asking if he knows the streets are packed. In exchange for securing Birdie's file, Wade promises him additional lap dances and a champagne bath.



  • When Owens is eliminated, his Jagd P22G has a suppressor attached.
  • When you kill Owens by the gas pump accident without firing a shot and waiting for him to dispose of his cigarette, he will appear not to burn to death, but if you shoot the gas, he sets on fire.