The Fusil G1-4 is an automatic-fire carbine carried mostly by soldiers in HITMAN™.

It is often seen alongside its improved version, the Fusil G2, .


"The Fusil G2's predecessor. Widely exported. Chambered for 5.56mm."

Though it is based on an American design the description for its successor, the Fusil G2, says it is manufactured in France. The G1-4 has side rail covers while the G2 uses a skeletal foregrip equipped with side picatinny rails.

In A Gilded Cage, it can be seen carried by elite soldiers in the abandoned school and in Freedom Fighters, it's the weapon of choice by most of the militia members.


A Gilded Cage

  • Carried by elite soldiers
  • Several can be found in the weapon stockroom in the abandoned school.

Freedom Fighters

  • Carried by some militia members.


  • "Fusil" is French for "rifle", suggesting that the Fusil line of rifles is of French origin.