The Fusil G2 is an automatic-fire carbine found on many bodyguards in HITMAN™.

Its predecessor, the Fusil G1-4, is chambered for 5x56mm rounds.


"A French-made assault rifle. Fully automatic."

The G2 is one of 2 rifles seen in HITMAN™. Mostly, it can be seen carried by bodyguards, while soldiers are seen with its predecessor, the Fusil G1-4.


Freeform Training

You can find the weapon in the little house right next to you on the left side, straight away after spawning. Inside the house you are also able to find the Bartoli 12G shotgun.

The Final Test

The Fusil G2 is carried by Soviet soldiers.

The Showstopper

  • Carried by some CICADA bodyguards. Others carry the HX-10 instead.
  • Several can be found lying around in the CICADA base on the attic

There are three Fusil G2 location spawns on the top floor's attic. They are all near to each other within the security center in the most south western part of the attic. They are all lying ontop of boxes and two of them are right beside each other right by the western exit.

A Gilded Cage

  • Several can be found in the weapon stockroom in the abandoned school.
  • Carried by some soldiers in front of the consulate.

Freedom Fighters

  • Carried by some militia members.
  • Can be found on a table near the greenhouse.



  • It is based on the American AR rifle pattern, which is produced by multiple companies around the world. The G2 carbine and its variants are likely a reference to the version built by FN Herstal.
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