The Garden Shed is a small shack in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, that served as Agent 47's home during the entirety of the game.


The shed was where Agent 47 was able to sleep, and work when he decided to retire from the International Contract Agency. The shed contains a mattress, a trapdoor, and a closet, which are all unusable.

After Vittorio is kidnapped, a laptop will appear on the desk inside the shed. This allows the player to advance in the game's mission, when the game reverts back to Agent 47 in the sanctuary's back yard.

Tool Shed

The tool shed is a larger structure near the pig pen. When lockpicked open in the into, it holds weapon racks that can hold all the weapons Agent 47 can find on his journey. There are three items in here by default, those being the Kitchen Knife, the Fiber Wire, and a new weapon used only in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin named the Anaesthetic. The knife and the wire can be used on the scarecrow to the left of the shed.



  • The scarecrow's head will turn towards Agent 47 when he moves near it.
    • This is most likely because IO-Interactive, the developers, forgot to remove it's intelligence.