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Garnier Opera House (called L' Opera D'Orleans in Hitman: Contracts) is a location in Paris, France. It is the setting for the mission Curtains Down in Hitman: Blood Money.


Agent 47 was hired to kill the famous tenor, Alvaro D'Alvade and the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Richard Delahunt, in an opera house during a stage rehearsal of Tosca.

On the day that 47 was to infiltrate the opera house, it was undergoing renovations. As such, there were many maintenance workers in the backstage and basement areas of the building, providing 47 with the opportunity to steal a uniform. Afterwards, he was able to move about the basement and three main floors of the opera house unnoticed.

47 successfully eliminated both D'Alvade and Delahunt in the opera house. When 47 was leaving the scene, Albert Fournier, a friend of both D'Alvade and Delahunt, shot him, thus triggering the events of Hitman: Contracts.




  • The rehearsal of Tosca was conducted during the mission, though only the execution scene of act 3, in which Alvaro's character, Cavaradossi, was shot by an executioner.
  • The opera house appears to be based off the real-life Salle Le Peletier opera house in Paris. The chandelier in the actual theater is almost identical to the one in this opera house, as with the murals on the ceiling next and around the chandelier.