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Gary Lunn is a target exclusive to the Playstation 4 version of HITMAN™. He is known as The Enforcer, and appears in the mission of the same name. He was one of the Sarajevo Six, a group of war criminals that were targeted by the International Contract Agency.


"Gary Lunn is a high-threat enforcer for the CICADA paramilitary organization, with a reputation for brutality that is well deserved. He grew up in the roughest parts of England and joined the military at an early age, serving in the special forces before a dishonorable discharge in the early '90s. He joined the Sigma Unit and worked with Scott Sarno as a unit marksman and was involved in classified operations north of Sarajevo.

Most recently, however, Lunn has been on an extended contract with the Ether corporation that makes use of his skills to ensure that highly sensitive projects never see the light of day. As such, he has been assigned to their field laboratory in Sapienza in the final phases of Silvio Caruso's DNA virus project.
― In-Game Briefing


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  • The Enforcer, as well as all other missions that featured members of the Sarajevo Six, are among the few pieces of content from HITMAN™ that did not feature in HITMAN™ 2's HITMAN™ Legacy Pack downloadable content.
    • This includes the Playstation 4 version of HITMAN™ 2.
  • In the promotional artwork, Lunn had a custom assault rifle, in the mission, he doesn't have any weapons.
  • Gary Lunn is described as growing up in England, despite his Canadian nationality.