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The Gasoline Can is a can filled with liquid gasoline which can be shot by 47 to cause an explosion or to inflict blunt force trauma into a victim's head.


"A can containing flammable gasoline."

Hitman: Contracts

In Hitman: Contracts it's just an ordinary item found in the mission Beldingford Manor, but it can be very deadly in clever hands and under certain circumstances.

Hitman: Absolution

Gasoline cans can be thrown and damaged, creating an explosion, killing everyone around it after a short span of time, however it may be shot twice in order to immediately explode it. Aside from its explosive nature, it can be used as a typical melee weapon, by striking a target in the head. Alternatively, it may be thrown and used as a distraction.


Hitman: Contracts

Beldingford Manor:

  • Next to the car in front of Manor.
  • In the basement next to the garden tool.
  • In the boiler room that is in the eastern Manor's wing.

Hitman: Absolution

The King of Chinatown:

  • On a crate right next to the dance studio, directly to the right when first entering.
  • In Snowman's apartment.


  • Upstairs, on the floor in the long room across from the bear statue.

Hunter and Hunted:

  •  In Courtyard, near the civilian getting interrogated.


  • Near the reception desk on the first floor.

Birdie's Gift:

  • In the underground bunker under the firing range.

Shaving Lenny:

  • Various locations.
  • In the garage with the droppable car lift.

Dexter Industries:

  •  In Dead End, Next to a crate just after the back up security objective
  •  In Old Mill, next to the TV, covered by some boxes

Death Factory:

  • Behind a fake bush on the far end of the land mine field at the left side. 

Fight Night:

  • In the hangar on an oil drum located behind the trailer
  • Near the guard standing by the Factory Guard disguise.

Attack of the Saints:

  •  Reception: In the corner area that is partially walled off and next to the yellow car and patriot RV.

Operation Sledgehammer:

  • In the very beginning of the "Outgunned" section, there are a few sitting next to some of the cars.

Blackwater Park:

  • In the park near most outdoor lights and in the penthouse area near the barbeque on the balcony


  • Cemetery Entrance: On the right side of the exit underneath the first aid box.