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Gavin LeBlond is a wheelman for the Hope Cougars.


Hitman: Absolution

Currently, little is known about Gavin apart from his affiliation with the Hope Cougars and Lenny Dexter. He is also part of the group conspiring to grab Victoria from Blake Dexter. He is skeptical towards Landon Metcalf's attempts to convince him to participate in the plan.

He is known to be quiet, rational and sensitive on the surface. A background check suggests a sadistic streak and a tendency to break under pressure.[1]


  • He is known to be the go to guy for cars and vehicles for the Hope Cougars.
  • He beat leukemia as a child.[2]
  • He seems to respect and afraid of Blake Dexter by saying Mr. Dexter is not someone you wannna mess with! though Landon Metcalf does not listen to him.



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