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German Embassy is a location in St. Petersburg, Russia. It appears in Invitation to a Party.


The Structure of the Embassy is a Neoclassical Layout which may have been based on the Real Life State Russian Museum and the Smolny Institute in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The Building Consists of a Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Ballroom, Bathroom, 1st and 2nd floors. Outside it is protected by High walls with 2 gates at the front and 1 small door each on the left and right sides of the building.

The Building is Heavily Guarded by Embassy Staff inside and Russian Security Personnel on the outskirts.


  • Historically there hasn't been a German diplomatic presence in St. Petersburg since 1939 when the then consulate closed down. Before that it was a fully fledged embassy from 1871 till 1914 when crowds stormed the old teutonic building on the outbreak of the war. In a modern context this particular building is somewhat similar to the German embassy in Moscow.


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