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Ghost Mode was a game mode featured in HITMAN™ 2. It was a one-versus-one competitive multiplayer mode which saw players racing against one another to take out randomly placed targets on the map. Players were set within separate realities and could manipulate the other's only through the use of Ghost Items, items exclusive to the game mode.

Ghost Mode was the first instance of competitive multiplayer within the Hitman franchise.


Ghost Mode is a competitive multiplayer mode where your assassination skills are put to the test. You are pitted against another player in a race to eliminate targets as fast and clean as possible.

You exist in separate realities but are given the same target. To score a point, you must kill your target unnoticed, and ensure the body does not get found within 10 seconds after the kill.

After a clean target kill, the opposing player has 20 seconds to kill the target too and get a point.

The first player to reach five points, wins the match.

If your kill gets noticed or the body is found, you get no point, but the countdown for the next target is activated whenever a target is killed. So beware of your surroundings, don't panic, and try to be patient enough to secure a clean kill rather than a chain of noticed kills.

A noticed pacification of the target has the same consequence as a noticed target kill.

Killing anyone but the target, however, will make you lose a point - if you have a point to lose, that is.

If you get into trouble and get killed, you will respawn somewhere in the level. You keep the disguise you were wearing when you died, but all the items from your inventory are dropped in the spot you were killed.

But beware - people will still remember what you died before you respawned.

In Ghost Mode, all doors are unlocked, and all the items that are usually spread around the location have been removed.

Instead, several Ghost Crates have been placed around the level. They contain different weapons, disguises and Ghost Items, which are the only items that can affect both you and your opponent's realities.

Keep your head clear, be ready to improvise and try to stay out of trouble...for as long as you can.

May the best assassin win.

Gameplay Overview[]

The first player to five points wins. To earn a point, the player must eliminate the current target without being spotted and last 10 seconds without the target's body being discovered. Once a player either succeeds or fails at earning the point, the countdown for the next target spawn will begin and the other player has until then to eliminate the current target and earn a point. Both players start the match with no items, with the exception of three Ghost Coins. While players exist within separate realities, the other player is visible at all times. They are represented as another Agent 47 with pale white skin. Their current disguise can also be viewed, as well as any visible items.

Ghost Crates are objects that contain multiple items and each player is only allowed to take one item from each crate. The crates are shared between realities; if a player takes an item out of a crate, their opponent won't also be able to take it. Ghost Crates can carry a variety of items; anything from weapons to disguises to distraction tools. Ghost Items are exclusive to Ghost Mode, and are used to influence both your opponent's and your own realities. A Ghost Coin, for example, will create a sound distraction in not just your reality but your opponent's. Excluding the three Ghost Coins players receive at the beginning of a match, Ghost Items can only be found within Ghost Crates.

Players can either invite friends to a match or use matchmaking to find a random player. When inviting friends, the host can select which location they'd like to play on, whereas those making use of the matchmaking can chose to play on a featured location or otherwise random selection. The player's starting suit is not based on the location they're playing in, but rather a suit of their choice chosen beforehand; the default being 47's Signature Suit.

Ghost Mode does not feature any chat or voice chat. Instead, players can interact with each other with the use of Emotes, special animations exclusive to Ghost Mode which allow players to express their feelings to their opponents.


Only a limited amount of locations are available to play in Ghost Mode. The level layout is identical to the location's primary mission, except all doors are unlocked and most, if not all, items have been removed from the level.

Miami Santa Fortuna

Miami, USA

Colombia Hitman 2

Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Ghost Items[]

Image Name Description
Ghost Coin The Ghost Coin will simultaneously create a distraction in both your and your opponent's world.
Ghost Flash Grenade
Ghost Flash Grenade The Ghost Flash Grenade will blind and disorientate your opponent.
Ghost Freeze Grenade
Ghost Freeze Grenade The Ghost Freeze Grenade will slow down your opponent for a short amount of time.
Ghost Outfit Manipulator
Ghost Outfit Manipulator The Ghost Outfit Manipulator will simultaneously change both your and your opponent's outfit to a new random one.
Ghost Proximity Explosive
Ghost Proximity Explosive The Ghost Proximity Explosive will trigger in your opponent's world if they come near it.


Image Name Description
Emote How Gracious
How Gracious For those moments when a kiss speaks louder than words.
Emote The Disbelief
The Disbelief Show appreciation of you opponent's actions by shaking your head.
Emote The Evil Eye
The Evil Eye Let your opponent know they're under severe scrutiny.
Emote The Well Done
The "Well Done" A slightly ironic clapping gesture aimed at your opponent.



  • First announced on October 12, 2018.
  • The Jaeger 7 Tuatara was originally exclusive to Ghost Mode, before becoming available to unlock in the The Last Resort mission.
  • A third location was intended to be added to Ghost Mode; Mumbai. IO Interactive announced that this was no longer planned in IOI Monthly #9.
  • IO-Interactive announced on August 17, 2020 the shutdown for Ghost Mode. The shutdown ocurred on August 31, 2020[1]. Ghost Mode is not included in HITMAN™ III.[2]
  • All promotional material shows Mark Chase as the target.