The Gontranno Church (also known as the "Church of the Holy Saints") is an important location in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and is located in Sicily, Italy. It is a setting for the game's introduction, The Gontranno Sanctuary, and for the game's epilogue, Redemption at Gontranno. The sanctuary contains a basic, but minuscule training course, and the garden shed, Agent 47's home for a short time.


Spring breaks early and powerfully on the Gulf of Castellammare. The citrus groves west of Palermo are already in fruit by the end of February, and the Sicilian air is so ripe with the odour of lemon and orange that it makes a visitor dizzy. From the sea, hillside villages are splashes of pastel masonry on a brilliant carpet of green and gold. Above the awnings of the marketplace rises the dome of the church of the Carmine. The whole scene emanates balance, harmony, serenity. However, the shadow of the Casa Nostra looms ominously, ruthless if crossed even the slightest.
The church was run by Father Vittorio for the south western diocese of Sicily, and its garden shed provided sanctuary for Agent 47. It was here that he worked as a gardener on the Church grounds when he retired from his life of a hitman. 47 can be seen picking tomatoes and working in the church's garden in The Gontranno Sanctuary's intro.

The church itself had the atypical Sicilian baroque architecture common for southern regions of Italy. However, its most unique feature is its interior which housed a unique palazzi style design, which is uncommon for that region.


The Gontranno Church is a Roman Catholic institution which has the usual characteristics of Gothic resemblance mixed with the local Sicilian architecture. The church consists of the main building, a basement, large shed, small shed with two basements, one under the small shed and the other under the church building it self.

The Garden

The Gontranno Church holds a small back yard area, where animals are kept. This area contains the garden shed, where Agent 47 lived, and the tool shed, where Agent 47 kept all his weapons. The area also holds a small ruin, that is used as a training course. The ruin has shelves attached to it, where watermelons are sat there for target practice. Near the left corner of the garden, there is a pen for pigs where they can also be used as target practice.




Concept Art


  • The stained glass windows of the church show various designs of the IO-Interactive logo as well as the "Hitman insignia"
  • There is a scarecrow which, when 47 comes near to it, turns its head towards whoever approaches. This most likely occurs because IO-Interactive scripted it as a human, but they forgot to remove its intelligence.
    • Also, the scarecrow next to the tool shed has the exact same clothes as Ivan Zilvanovitch.