Gunrunner's Paradise is the 10th mission in Hitman: Codename 47. It is the first of a two mission hit on Arkadij Jegorov.

It was combined with Plutonium Runs Loose and remade as Deadly Cargo in Hitman: Contracts.


  • Ivan Zilvanovitch


After Agent 47's success in Hungary at the Hotel Gallard, he is sent another mission.

Agent 47 must assassinate the man who was supplying Lee Hong and Pablo Ochoa with weapons, Arkadij Jegorov. First though, he needs to get to Ivan Zilvanovitch to place a tracking beacon to find Jegorov.

Weirdly enough, the last few men Agent 47 assassinated were all part of the French Foreign Legion, and have been actively communicating with each other.

Mission Briefing

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Welcome to Rotterdam.

Your next target is the man who supplied Lee Hong and Pablo with weapons, the notorious gunrunner Arkadij Jegorov, aka Boris.

Boris is hiding on his ship somewhere in the harbor of Rotterdam, but we do not know the exact location. We have information that a local Dutch Gang has arranged to purchase some of Boris's merchandise. By tracking them, we might be able to locate the ship.

Our intelligence department has stumbled across a weird fact that you should know. It seems that Lee Hong, Boris, Frantz Fuchs, and Pablo all served in the French Legion together. If that is a coincidence, it is one weird coincidence...

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency


  • Place GPS tracker in the gang car.
  • Move GPS tracker to the money suitcase.
  • Give the suitcase to Ivan.

Reward: $50,000



Gunrunner's Paradise Map.

The Dutch Gang is meeting with Ivan somewhere in the harbor area. We do not know exactly where. The gang's hideout place is a small strip joint. Place a GPS transmitter in the gang's car, and follow the car to the meeting place.
Eliminate all gang members at the meeting, before Ivan shows up. Make sure Ivan does not see any dead bodies. He is very cautious and will abort the meeting at any suspicious sign.
Pick up the GPS transmitter from the car and place it in the suitcase carrying the money for Ivan. Make sure Ivan picks up the suitcase. Hopefully Ivan will return straight to Boris with the money, revealing his hideout to us.






  • Suit - Very limited the area where you can walk. The bikers will not attack without provocation.
  • Biker - Allowed essentially everywhere.


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