The HITMAN™ Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Io-Interactive's 2017 release HITMAN™. It was composed by an Io-Interactive in-house composer, Niels Bye Nielson, and is the second game in the Hitman franchise not to be composed by Jesper Kyd, the first being the 2012 release Hitman: Absolution, which was composed by Thomas Bärtschi, Peter Kyed, Peter Peter and Dynamedion.


The score consists of mostly electronic tracks of background and event-based music, which is smoothly matched by the intense, fast paced gameplay, but can adjust to a slower feel depending on the player's situation. Some tracks, such as "The Marketplace" plays only in a certain section of A Gilded Cage (the electronics market stand), while "Showstopper" is played mostly throughout the level. The entire soundtrack only contains thirteen tracks, and has one of the shorter soundtrack lengths, being at 44 minutes and 17 seconds.

The soundtrack was released digitally through Steam, and through email for those who had purchased the HITMAN™ upgrade pack, or the full experience and linked their email with the Square Enix membership club. The soundtrack came with "The Making of HITMAN™" documentary, and was released on the same day the physical (SteelBook) edition of the game released, January 31st, 2017.

HITMAN™ is the first game to feature Niels Bye Nielson's music, who replaced composer Thomas Bärtschi and his work with Peter Kyed, Peter Peter and Dynamedion in Absolution. It is expected that Nielson will appear in Season Two of HITMAN™, and any more seasons to come.

Track Listings

The tracks themselves have been lowered in quality slightly to be uploaded to the wiki. For the complete untouched soundtrack (in .WAV and .MP3 form), it is provided in a purchased and downloaded copy of HITMAN™.

No. Track: Track Name: Length: Mission: Comments:
HITMAN - 01. A World Of Assassination
A World of Assassination 03:51 N/A (None, Main Menu) This appears to be a higher-quality version of the menu theme, with added sounds and instruments.
HITMAN - 02. Showstopper
Showstopper 04:44 The Showstopper, Club 27, Landslide N/A
HITMAN - 03. The Key To Mastery
The Key To Mastery 04:00 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 04. Escalation
Escalation 03:06 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 05. The Marketplace
The Marketplace 01:55 A Gilded Cage Is only used at a vendor's booth for speakers/electronics.
HITMAN - 06. What Hides Beneath
What Hides Beneath 05:46 World of Tomorrow N/A
HITMAN - 07. Flipside Of The Coin
Flipside Of The Coin 03:27 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 08. Codename IAGO
Codename IAGO 02:26 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 09. Field Duty
Field Duty 04:08 The Final Test, A Gilded Cage N/A
HITMAN - 10. Plan B
Plan B 03:35 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 11. Situs Inversus
Situs Inversus 03:47 Freedom Fighters, Situs Inversus N/A
HITMAN - 12. Enemy Of My Enemy
Enemy Of My Enemy 03:46 (Unknown) N/A
HITMAN - 13. Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished 02:26 All (Background Music, Mission Complete Screen) N/A



  • The soundtrack has the shortest overall length, lasting 44 minutes.
  • This is the second soundtrack to not have a disc release, the first being Absolution, which never released in the first place.
Tracks in the HITMAN™ Original Soundtrack
Disc One
A World of Assassination - Showstopper - The Key To Mastery - Escalation - The Marketplace - What Hides Beneath - Flipside Of The Coin - Codename IAGO - Field Duty - Plan B - Situs Inversus - Enemy Of My Enemy - Mission Accomplished